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Posted on by Jason Gendler

Western style bedding is a fun way to bring a little distinction to your bedrooms.  It is available in a surprisingly impressive range of styles, colors, textures, and designs.  When a lot of people think of western décor, they think of the Navajo diamond patterns, but western style bedding is not limited to those designs by any means.

The old west was a dynamic and exciting place.  It was a melting pot of culture as disenfranchised emigrants and immigrants poured into the wide open land full of resources.  In the old west, there were lots of groups that played a big role.  Pioneers typically sought out the land, looking for a place to grow crops and raise a family away from the dirty city.  The government gave away the land to anybody that could hold down a claim.  Cowboys were kind of the opposite of the pioneer/farmers.  Typically employed by livestock trade, they would roam with the herds, driving the herd across the prairies to sell.  They often survived off meager provisions and whatever they could hunt and gather.  Native Americans played a huge role too, though they suffered detrimental losses!

Western style bedding sets that pay tribute these participants in the old west are available for you to spruce up your décor.  If you want to bring a bit of the homestead home, look for sets that feature earth-toned ruffled bed skirts, plaids, paisleys, and striped patterns throughout the set.  These patterns were common in the cabin, and are a festive touch to your home.  If the cowboy culture is more intriguing, look for western style bedding sets that have faux leather touches, faux nail-head detail, and perhaps even patterns depicting horses, cacti, sunsets, cowboy hats, even images of cowboys on horseback.  One particularly fun set features forgotten branding iron marks.  To pay tribute to the lost cultures of the Native Americans, look for bedding sets featuring dark earthy reds and turquoise blues.  Pair these sets with sheets that feature Navajo-inspired diamond patterns to complete the look.

Once the western style bedding is in place, it is easy to round out the look with coordinating throw blanket, matching curtains, decorative pillows.  Think about rounding out the room by hanging vintage guns, worn down whips, ropes tied into lassos, dreamcatchers, artwork depicting a southwest sunset, wagon trains, campfires, etc.  Let your imagination go wild to create the perfect old-west style room.