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Posted on by Jason Gendler

When you think of the old west, images of cowboys on horseback, campfires, wagon trains, tumbleweeds, and lassos come to mind.  The old west was quite a dynamic place.  Though it was minimally populated, it was rich and action-packed.  Cowboys, as we think of them today, were frequently involved in the trade of cattle, though horses, pigs, and other livestock were part of the profession as well.  Tools of the trade were horses, hats, whips, lassos, spurs, chaps, branding irons, guns, bandanas, and countless more.  It's easy to celebrate the rich history of the old west by introducing some themed décor into your home.  Look for touches that hint back to the old west.  One of the easiest ways to introduce old west style is with the coordinated cowboy bedding set.

When a cowboy bedding set is focal of the room, only simple touches need to be added to complete the picture.  A lamp painted with a barbed wire motif, unfinished wooden side tables, distressed leather items hung on the wall; these are a few suggestions to get your juices flowing.  Start first with the bedding then work your way out.

Cowboy bedding options are surprisingly versatile and range from modern to eclectic in style.  There are sets that are over the top, featuring bold paisleys to suggest bandanas, distressed leather cutouts to remind of saddles, ruffled bed skirts suggestive of old-west hotels, and even fabrics that look like cowhide!  On the other end of the spectrum, you'll find cowboy bedding sets that are neutral and minimal.  Flat comforters made of soft suede-like fabrics are pleasing.  The best ones are decorated with embroidered images of cowboys doing their cowboy thing.  Even more subtle yet, sets that feature the Laredo star are available in multiple colors.  Modern sets feature flat baffled comforters with simple designs, shams that are maybe two colors and flat bordered, flat bed skirts, and subtle old-west touches.  Overall, modern cowboy bedding is straightforward and simple, making it very easy to incorporate into your décor.

Go ahead, indulge your fantasy to live in the old west!  Do it by transforming your décor with a few coordinated touches that bring to mind romantic images of rowdy cowboys wrangling the herd.  If you're doing a bedroom, start by finding the perfect bedding set, then work your way around to the walls and other furnishings.  Cowboy touches are easy to find in vintage shops for cheap!