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Posted on by Jason Gendler

There are so many great ideas to work with when the home is decorated in a rustic theme.  Rustic themes can go anywhere from colonial, to the renaissance period, to the old west, to the mountains, beaches, and more.  Rustic is difficult to box into one neat little category because it means so many things.  The advantage of a rustic theme is the versatility and simplicity.  For example, it is easy to tweak with a few changes to wall décor, throw blankets, accent walls, and small furnishings.  A rustic theme can transform 'ski lodge' to  'cozy cabin' by trading out blues and whites for browns and reds, and trading ice picks and snowshoes for lassos and dreamcatchers.

The bedroom is one of the easiest places to transform.  A rustic bedding set can come in a vast range of styles.  Choose a neutral design if you think that you'll be modifying the rustic theme in the nearby future.  Rustic bedding sets that feature stripes, plaids, solids, and fabrics with subtle overlays are the most adaptable.  Opt for clean modern designs to get the most out of your investment.  Flatbed skirts are more versatile than the classic ruffled look.  Shams that have flat borders, as opposed to ruffled, lace, or fringe borders will also bring more longevity and versatility to the décor.  A Rustic bedding set that features solid colored or color blocked comforter will also enhance the longevity and versatility of the bedding ensemble.  Since the rustic bedding set is usually done in neutral, it is easy to incorporate into your existing design.  Also, a brand new ensemble is a fine place to start fresh.

Once the bedding set is in place, it is easy to tweak the rest of the décor around it.  Typically when shopping for the bedding, there are coordinating accessories for sale.  Curtains, towels, throw blankets, decorative pillows to spruce up living rooms, even artwork to hang on the walls.  Other ideas can be found at flea markets, vintage stores, and second-hand shops.  Since you're working with a rustic theme, these shops are treasure-troves.  Seek out décor items made of rough wood, vintage tools, vintage furniture, and more.

A rustic theme is one of the easiest themes to work with and is a great place for a first time DIY décor theme.  Seed the theme with a carefully chosen, high-quality rustic bedding set and go from there!