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Posted on by Jason Gendler

Western theme bedding is growing rapidly in popularity. This is happening because people are looking for ways to celebrate simpler, less frantic times. Many people like to idealize the old west as one of these times, though that perception is in fact far off base. The fact is though, that decorating your home and bedroom in a western theme is fun! There are so many great options, countless scrumptious fabrics and designs, and ways to easily coordinate the bedrooms with living spaces. Complement rustic leather furniture in the living room with Western theme bedding in the bedrooms for an easy way to carry the theme through the home. With the popularity of western and rustic themes, there are countless choices to browse as you plan.

The bedroom is a great place to start. Though few of us spend that much awake time in our bedrooms, a well-coordinated space is pleasing to one's aesthetic senses and can lead to more restful sleep and happier starts to the day. Western theme bedding is a particularly vast category, so you can be assured that you will find something that strikes a chord.

If the style you are after is a little whimsical, colorful, or eclectic, look for sets that feature bold contrasting designs in complementary colors. Perhaps your tastes are sophisticated, preferring clean lines and smart designs. Look for sets that are done in neutral colors with minimal design detail. With many western theme bedding ensembles, less is more. Western designs that feature images of animals or the fauna of the forest are popular. The animals are sometimes worked into charming patterns that repeat with other patterns in horizontal bars across the comforter. This design is popular with people who like a classic look to match a western décor.

Another great feature of western theme bedding is its ability to traverse modern and traditional designs. Traditional bedding design features the classic ruffled bed skirt, a patterned comforter with fluffy baffles, and shams with frilly finishes. Modern designs include minimally baffled comforters, flat bedskirts that may or may not be pleated, and shams that sport flat trim and use the same fabrics as the comforter and bed skirt.

If you are in the market for a fresh look in your home, consider updating one or more bedrooms with a brand new western theme bedding set. There are options for everybody, colors for every theme and cute touches that only western style can bring.