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Posted on by Jason Gendler

Western Bedding is one of those things.  You may not think about it, but it makes a difference to the vibe of a bedroom.  If you are décor challenged, worry not, there is hope for you!  Take for example a standard hotel room, nothing fancy, just picture the last mid-grade hotel you stayed in.  Did you notice that the bedding was coordinated?  You probably noticed that the color on the comforter either complemented or matched the colors on the walls, the color of the carpet and the style of the artwork.  If there was a frame or headboard, you can bet that it matched any end tables.  The result of this coordination was a relaxing and tidy appearance.  You can easily incorporate this grace in your own home.  Bedding ensembles that feature a comforter, bed skirt, pillowcases or shams, and sometimes throw pillows or blankets are invaluable for the décor challenged.

Rustic Bedding sets come in countless designs and styles, from whimsical to western.  Western bedding sets are a particularly versatile and charming foundation to build a décor on, especially if you are interested in creating a rustic or natural theme.  Western bedding sets go from whimsical designs featuring cheerful paisleys and polka dots to sophisticated sets that feature luxurious fabrics and adaptable designs.   Most western bedding ensembles include a brand new comforter, a matching bed skirt, shams and/or pillowcases, and decorative pillows.  In many cases, it is the decorative pillows that really bring the set together as they usually incorporate all the color and patterns used in the theme.

First off, figure out what colors you want to use.  Make them your favorite colors so that you love the results, choose one main and maybe two or three secondary.  Next, look for bedding set to match.  Western bedding sets are some of the most popular themes, so there are countless styles to choose from.  If you cannot find a matching set that pleases you, opt for something in a neutral color scheme; something that features browns, tans, and taupes.  Next find pieces of art, antiques, or other fun things to grace the walls.

Just like that, you're on your way to decorating like a pro.  Make it simple by working with no more than three colors and tackling the feature first, the bedding.  Seriously consider shopping western bedding options for pleasing and versatile designs, finally, invite a guest to come and admire your handiwork!