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Posted on by Jason Gendler

Western Bedding sets are becoming popular as people look for new ways to breathe life into tired bedrooms.  Not all western bedding sets are paisleys and Navajo-inspired geometric designs.  In fact, they come in a variety of styles and colors.  If your home is a modern theme, you're in luck.  Western bedding sets come in updated palates and styles that feature clean lines and color blocking.  If your home is done in a classic southwest style, you have a huge selection to work with.  Bright turquoise and bold earthy reds are common.  If you've gone 'country' you can rest assured that you too have lots of options.  From frilly lacey details to images of cowboys wrangling cattle, western bedding sets have it all for country themes.

Would you like to see what modern style western bedding set looks like?  Get ready, it's cute!  The embroidered barbwire ensemble brings old and new together with ease.  The shams are clean, featuring flat borders and only two clean shades of brown.  The comforter is a solid tan color and is simply embroidered with a barb wire motif border.  Note the ultra-modern micro-fiber fabric the comforter is made out of.  Modern western bedding sets can also blend classic an modern together. Classic western touches such as paisley and ruffles can be integrated in a modern set by carefully integrating them as-as secondary feature.  Take a look at how the Bella Vista set does it.  The paisley pattern is introduced on the classic ruffled bed skirt.  The rest of the ensemble then plays off of the blue tone in the pillowcases and decorative pillows.  The comforter itself is a reversible design, but most notably, it is a solid color with subtle embroidered accents that add to the rustic feel.

When you're picking out a new bedding ensemble, think about whether you need a new western comforter.  Often, the blanket itself is just fine.  A lot of bedding sets come in two options.  One, with a brand new comforter.  Two, with a duvet/coverlet that you can slip over your old unfashionable comforter.  The advantage of the duvet/coverlet is that the sets usually include extra accessories such as sheets, pillowcases, or bonus decorative pillows.  The other advantage is that the duvet can be removed and washed at home.   Whatever option is best, you can be sure that western bedding sets in a huge variety are waiting to come home with you.