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Posted on by Jason Gendler

Have you ever wished that you could stay in a ski lodge all year 'round?  It's a nice dream that few of us will ever get to experience.   The next best thing to do is to decorate your bedroom to look and feel like a ski lodge with lodge bedding.  From paint to trim to knick-knacks, to lodge bedding sets, there are lots of options.   Start by stepping back to take a look at the color theme.  Most ski lodges feature neutral colors and lots of rustic wood detail.  Consider adding rustic wood trim around doors and windows, and think about repainting or even creating an accent wall in deep green, light blue, white, or a tan color that reminds you of pine or cedar wood.

Next, take a look at the bed.  Start by thinking about the frame, which can add a lot of character.  A sled-style or a bed made of roughly trimmed and polished branches are great options.  If replacing the frame isn't an option, think about adding a decorative headboard to enhance the look of a lodge bedding set.  Often the simple detail of the headboard on the wall will transform the look of the room.

Now think about the bedding set. A fresh lodge bedding set is probably the fastest and easiest way to capture that ski lodge feel.  Lodge bedding sets come in a variety of styles and colors. Most lodge bedding is composed of neutral tones, making it easy to integrate the updated look into your décor.  Modern style lodge bedding tends to feature clean lines, solid colors, and just enough pattern to break it up.  The Nordic from Wooded River in blue is a beautiful fit for a ski-lodge look.  It is straightforward, not busy, and coordinates with both warm and cool palates.  The repeated use of the star throughout the whole ensemble gives it character with it being overstated.  The luxury Pine Cone bedding set is a great example of a pattern in lodge bedding.  The pattern is done in neutral colors and features contrasting colors and maple leaf pattern on the decorative details.

So there are some ideas to help you transform at least one room in your home to remind you of a ski lodge.  Since the bed plays such a huge role in the décor of a bedroom, it makes sense to start by choosing a bedding set that works with your existing color and bring s that lodge-feeling home.