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Posted on by Jason Gendler

Are you looking for an easy way to update a bedroom?  Think about the largest feature in the room, it's the bed!  Start there, and deck out the room as you go.  Western Bedding sets are a great foundation since they have everything included, and it is all coordinated.  The fun thing about bedding sets is that it is all about the comforter.  The comforter is spread over the bed, so it eats up a lot of 'visual real estate.'  The design of the comforter is critical, and this is why it's important to choose the one you like.  Bedding sets are available for all tastes and styles, every color of the rainbow, and every theme you can think of.  Some of the most popular sets feature a rustic theme and a western comforter.    Imagine how easy it will be to bring the room together once you have a comforter you like!

As far as western comforters go, there is a surprising range of designs and colors available.  Just because it's western does not mean that the comforter will be covered in geometric designs and fringe, though western comforters that feature such eclectic touches are available!  The most popular western comforters feature simple designs inspired by nature that work with a changing décor.  Often they will be made of ultra-luxurious fabrics that are soft, like satin and microsuede.  Western comforters are rarely lacking in luxurious details!

As far as the comforter goes, there are two options to think about.  Most bedding sets include a brand new comforter.  Some sets are offered as a duvet option or a comforter option.  Most of the time there is nothing wrong with an old comforter except for the fact that it is dated.  If this is the case, look into western bedding sets that feature a duvet or coverlet.  Slip it over your old blanket and voila, you have a brand new western comforter!  There are three other benefits to a duvet set.  Often they cost less than their comforter-included counterpart, they include more accessories, and less waste is created by reusing your old comforter.

Western comforters are easy to work with!  They are available in a huge range of patterns and colors,  many times offered as a savvy duvet set.  With the comforter figured out, it is easy to build up the décor from there.  So pick up a new western comforter and get to work transforming your bedroom in rustic style!