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Posted on by Jason Gendler

Leather Furniture – What You Should Know

When it comes to redecorating your home, leather can be a great option.  Not only is there a variety of colors to choose from, but there are also many styles and strengths to consider.  By incorporating leather you can change the feel of any room in your home – whether you’re looking for something more sophisticated or simply something comfortable to come home to.  The options are limitless.  Below are a few key facts about leather to help you pick something that’s just right for you.

  • Over time leather improves so don’t worry about wear and tear. Leather is strong and can withstand heavy use.
  • If you’re looking to buy the best that is available, you should consider aniline leather. This type of leather is processed in a way that allows the natural richness of the color to shine.  It also requires no additional layers of protection which preserve the leather’s soft qualities.  And while it may be pricier, its longevity is worth the expense.
  • Aniline leather that is partially treated is also an excellent option if you’re looking to save a little bit of money.
  • Maintaining leather is simpler than you may think. All you have to do is wipe the leather with a moist clean rag.  Don’t worry about the color fading, leather is quite resilient.
  • It is also a good idea to purchase leather with removable cushions. While the leather can endure years of use, the cushions may not.

Picking the perfect leather should be based on your intended use.  If it is intended to be a decorative piece, you can opt for a less protective finish.  However, if you’re planning on using it daily, it is best to purchase something more durable and easy to clean. Make sure to do your research before buying leather furniture.  This way you can have beautiful pieces to compliment your home for many years to come.

How to Buy Leather Furniture

Before purchasing leather furniture, it is best to be educated about all the different options you will have.  Most people think that the more you spend, the better the quality, but this is not always the case.  Don’t be fooled by the savvy salespeople, but rather go into the furniture shops equipped with the right knowledge to make the best decisions.  Here are some things you should know about.

Top Grain vs. Split

Leather is the hide or skin of an animal and it is made of two parts – the top grain and the split.  The top grain is the external layer and it is considered to be of better quality.  This is because it is more flexible and stronger.  The split, on the other hand, is the bottom layer and is less robust.  It is also more commonly dyed to create a firmer finish and used for colored items.

Aniline Treatment

Aniline leather shows off the best of the hide.  This method only dyes the hide once and is not polished when completed.  Typically, the best parts of the top grain are chosen for this treatment so that the true beauty of the hide is revealed.

Partial Aniline Treatment

A partial aniline treatment goes through the same process as an aniline treatment but it is dyed more than once.  It is also finished with a protective layer for extra durability.  While this may stiffen the leather, it guards against the wear and tear of everyday use.


Nubuck has a similar feel to velvet and uses the top grain of the hide.  The texture is created by buffing the top layer which produces an extremely resilient finish.  Despite this type of leather costing more money, it may be worth the expense due of its durability.

By simply building your understanding of the key terms, you can make better decisions.  Don’t let the jargon scare you.  All it takes is a little bit of research.  If you’re feeling uncertain at any time when browsing in the furniture store, just step away and review your options at home.  Never let a salesperson pressure you into buying leather items unless you’re sure it’s what you want.


Leather Furniture Belongs in Your Living Room

Leather furniture is becoming more and more popular.  Particularly in the living room, it provides a touch of class with a modern twist.  In today’s market, leather pieces are diverse and multifunctional.  From couches that turn into beds to ottomans that transform into tables, the options are limitless.  Best of all, leather furniture is durable.  With proper care, a leather sofa can bring you decades of enjoyment and utility.

Synthetic Leather Covers

Want the leather look but can’t afford it?  Luckily a synthetic leather cover can give you the same effect. Synthetic leather is made from a mixture of artificial materials blended with real leather.  This gives an authentic leather look because the real leather is used on the outer layer, giving the feel and look of actual leather.

Strong and Durable

It’s no secret that leather furniture costs more than regular furniture, but without a doubt, it is worth the extra cost.  Over time cheap furniture will wear and tear, but with certain leathers, it will only get better with age.  Also, by using a damp cloth, dirt and spills can be wiped off easily.

With unlimited leather options and functions, you should take the time to find what’s best for you.  Whether you’re looking for something sophisticated or more laid back, leather furniture is sure to give your living room a boost of flair.

How to Buy a Leather Sofa

Thinking of buying a leather couch?  Well if you are, there are a few things you need to know before making such a big investment.  For starters, you have made an excellent choice.  Leather couches can spruce up any living room by giving it some luxury and class.

First, the key thing you need to consider is the quality and as with all the furniture, the better the quality the more expensive.  This, however, should not stop you from buying the best.  Below is guided to help you make the best decisions.

Typically leather is offered in four grains - the best being full grain.  Full-grain is made of 100% pure leather and is not processed and therefore the most costly.  This type of leather is the highest in durability and is considered the cream of the crop of leathers.

Almost as good and more common is top grain.  Animal hide is made of two layers, the top grain, and the bottom grain.  The top grain is thinner than full-grain and because of this provides slightly more comfort.  Also, it can be easier to clean due to the way it is processed.  Generally, this is the most purchased type of leather.

The synthetic grain is also a great choice if you’re short on money.  Made from a combination of artificial materials mixed with leather, this leather is treated to look just like true leather without breaking the bank.

Lastly, there is split leather.  Split leather uses fibers from an animal hide in conjunction with other materials to create the look and feel of real leather.

Whichever type of leather you choose, make sure it fits your budget and matches your style.  This is an investment that should not be made lightly.  While higher quality couches are sold at a higher price, the durability and sophistication you will enjoy will make it well worth the price.

Is Leather Furniture For Me?

If you’re thinking about buying new furniture, it’s okay to be nervous.  Typically buyers are faced with so many choices, they become overwhelmed.  Should you go with leather or fabric?  If you choose leather, below are some common questions and answers to help you make the right choice.  This information will help ease your nerves and guide your decisions.

Is leather only for the rich?

No, leather is not only for the rich and most people can afford it.  In fact, while leather may cost slightly more than fabric, in the long-term you will save money if you buy leather furniture.  This is because over time most fabrics will fade and deteriorate, whereas leather only improves with age.  If you buy leather furniture now, chances are you won’t have to replace it later.

What is the upkeep of leather like?

Most people think leather is hard to take care of, but this is simply not the case.  In fact, leather is extremely easy to maintain.  All you have to do is wipe off stains and spills with a damp cloth when you have an accident.  And to keep the leather stunning, apply a store-bought leather conditioner to the leather every few months.  Just make sure the conditioner is leather specific and avoid tougher solutions.  The more severe the cleanser the more likely the leather will dry.

What is the lifespan of leather furniture?

A good piece of leather furniture can last decades.  Typically the best quality leathers are not mixed with any synthetics.  Because this leather is natural, it will change for the better over the years.  Most people even think it looks better with age.  This is because the organic coating of the leather becomes even more noticeable and beautiful with time.

What about my kids and pets?

If you’re worried about your kids or pets damaging your leather furniture, you should consider buying leather with a protective coating.  This type of leather of far simpler to clean and is more resistant to scratches and stains.

How does leather react to body temperature?

The great thing about leather furniture is that it can be comfortable in both the winter and summer.  In the winter, for instance, the leather can warm your body, and in the summer the leather can keep your body cool.  This is because leather is a natural material and can breathe when confronted with heat.

All You Need to Know About Leather Furniture Repair

Leather furniture looks great in any home but sometimes repairing leather can seem challenging.  With daily use, you could encounter rips, punctures, scrapes and even burnt holes from cigarettes.  This, however, should not be a cause for concern.  Repairing leather is much easier than you think.  Below are some simple tips to help restore your leather furniture.

For starters, you need to decide if you want to repair the leather furnishings yourself or have it repaired by a professional.  If you’re looking to make repairs on your own, make sure you’ve done all your research.  You wouldn’t want to make the problem worse than it already is.

Understanding the Leather Type

The first thing you need to do is to determine the leather type – is it natural leather or synthetic leather?  Unfortunately, if it is untreated leather, it is almost impossible to make the repairs yourself.  You’ll need to call a professional.  Luckily, most leather has been treated in some way so this may not be a problem for you.

Repairing Damages

If your damages are minor, the leather is very easy to fix.  By simply conditioning the leather with store-bought solutions you can hide or remove any scrapes or small cuts.

If your repairs are bigger, such as punctures or rips, the process may take longer.  The easiest solution is crazy glue.  With a steady hand, thoughtfully smear glue on one side of the tear and press it firmly to the other side.  Just make sure that you do this carefully otherwise the seams may not match.  Because crazy glue dries quickly, it is best to be as accurate as possible the first and only time.

If you have larger holes, you will need to buy a specific leather repairing kit.  These can be found at any furnishing store for as low as fifty dollars.  Just make sure that you read the instructions fully and carefully before starting your project.  Mistakes are hard to fix.

Lastly, if your tears are larger than the kit allows, you will need to call a professional.

Leather Furniture is a Great Investment

People today think of buying furniture as an expense, but in fact, they should be looking at it as an investment.  Leather furniture, in particular, can be a great addition to any home, and if you buy good quality leather, it can last a lifetime.

With ample colors to choose from, you can surely find a style that fits your home.  Keep in mind however that many companies choose to mix their leather with other artificial materials.  While this is still considered leather, you should note that it may not be the best quality.  Make sure you ask the right questions and know exactly what you are getting before actually buying.  Another thing to consider is buying an extended warranty.  This can ensure that if anything happens, you can take it back to the manufacturer to have it fixed.

Once you have purchased your leather furniture it is a good idea to keep it conditioned.  This essentially means keeping the leather moist to avoid drying or cracking.  All you have to do is buy a leather conditioner and apply it to the leather every few months.  Besides cracking this will also protect the leather from wearing down and fading.  Dusting and can vacuuming the creases can also help to maintain its longevity.

Popular Leather Furniture Choices

Leather furniture can act as an accent to any home, providing elegance and sophistication.  Most commonly people buy sofas, recliners, and ottomans.  Keep in mind when entering a showroom that chances are the items are offered in a variety of colors.  Don’t be shy and ask what they have in stock and what can be custom made.  Since leather can last a lifetime, you should get exactly what you want.

Are Leather Couches Practical or Just a Status Symbol?

It is a common misconception that leather couches are only for the rich.  Perhaps because leather is beautiful and durable, people think that only the wealthy can afford it, but this is a misconception.  Rather, it is because of the durability and longevity of leather that people from all backgrounds gravitate towards it.

Leather couches do not signify wealth, but rather it signifies a good investment.  Not only can it last a lifetime, but leather couches are comfortable, practical, and saves money in the long run.  Design wise, it can also be a great addition to any home whether the owner is wealthy or not.

In terms of practically, leather furniture is easy to clean and does not absorb harmful dust particles like other fabrics.  It is also effortless to clean up spills and other liquids.  All you have to do is wipe it with a dust-free cloth and the leather is as good as new.

Furthermore, leather couches can be multifunctional.  Whether you’re looking for a sofa bed or a reclining armchair, the variety of leather couches is unlimited.

Repairing Leather Furniture

Buying leather furniture is an excellent investment.  Not only is leather durable and beautiful to look at, it can last for generations. Yet marks and nicks are inevitable if you use your furniture daily.  This article will show you the best ways to keep your leather furniture looking new and stunning.

Once your furniture is bought, the first thing you should do is apply a coat of protection.  This light coat will help resist stains and dirt from day to day use. Without this coating, it is possible for dust and oils to absorb into the leather making it look weathered and old.  To prolong the life of leather, look for leather protectors at your local leather stores and ask questions if you are not sure how to use them.

For nicks and marks, you will first need to clean the affected area.  Using a leather-approved cleanser, simply spray and wipe the affected area gently until all the dirt has been removed.  Then rub on the leather conditioner.

To fill in scratched surfaces, the best method is to use high-quality shoe polish.  Make sure that the polish matches the leather or you’ll risk drawing more attention to the area.  First, you will need to apply the conditioner and let it set.  This typically takes at least one full day.  Once it is set, apply the shoe polish to the scratch and wipe off the excess with a rag.  To avoid staining your clothes, polish the area again with a clean rag to ensure all of the excess shoe polish has been removed.  You will notice immediately that the scratch is either gone or less visible.

If you notice that your leather furniture is starting to fade in color, there could be two reasons for this.  Either your leather has been worn down from too much use, or it has been exposed to too much sun.  Regardless of the reason, what you need is a leather dying kit.  Before coloring any part of the leather, make sure to do a test spot in a hidden place.  This will ensure that you have the right color.  If the color matches, simply apply the dye with a sponge to the faded areas.  When you’re done, let it dry for several hours.

Leather furniture can be expensive so it’s best to take care of it.  While leather can last a lifetime, additional maintenance can keep it looking new for much longer.

Leather Furniture Care – What Not to Do

When it comes to leather restorations, many people try to make on their own repairs.  But what caused the tear, scratch, puncture or burn in the first place?  As someone who’s worked in the leather restoration business for 25 years, I’ve heard the craziest and frankly the stupidest stories. If you cherish your leather furnishings, here’s a list of things not to do.

  • Do not iron your clothes over leather. This will shrink, burn, and deform the leather.
  • Never use bleach as a cleaner. Not only will you ruin the beautiful color of the leather, but it could disintegrate before your eyes!
  • Never steam clean.
  • Do not use rubbing alcohol to remove stains. The leather will turn into a dark shade that you won’t be able to fix.
  • When conditioning leather the following items do not work – mayo, whole milk, massage or cooking oil, hair conditioner, body lotion, WD40 or engine grease. Get yourself some real leather conditioner!

The point I’m trying to make is that if you don’t know what you’re doing, call a professional.  Why take the chance?  You’re probably going to make it worse, and if you do too much damage, a professional might not be able to fix it either.  It’s not worth the risk!